Me so funny.

Stoney sure doesn't think I was funny but Ashley and I got a hoot out of it! My grandma got us a new phone for our anniversary since our other cordless phone bit the dust. But hey that dollar store phone gave me a good year! So I'm playing with these new phones that have ALL sorts of tricks to them! This has an intercom. For those who don't know what that is, I can push it and talk to Stoney just like a walkie talkie. So yesterday I tried it out. He heard the phone ringing and he asked who it was. I said I don't know, go answer it. Nevermind that he could have taken the phone that I had in my hand! He walked into the living room to get the other handset. Then he answered this is how it went.
S: Hello
M: Hello (In my best chinese accent hehehe)
S: Hello
M: Hello
M: Who dis?
S: Who is this?
M: Marcy, who dis?
S: You have the wrong number
M: No Jose?
S: You have the wrong number
M: ok

Now I'm just giggling. Ashley starts to giggle. Stoney's completely oblivious! He asks why Ashley is laughing and then it hits him. It hits him like a bat hits a ball! HARD! "Was that your mom!" LMAO He didn't seem to think that was very funny. :)