Tackle It Tuesday #2

Today isn't about the house so much. It's about getting THREE kids to visit the dr for checkups. Any mom knows that one visit is a hassle in itself but taking 4 kids so that 3 can have a dr visit is a whole different can of worms. I have a little over an hour before we have to leave. I still have to get dressed while I work on my 2nd cup of joe. I actually taught Ashley how to cook scrambled eggs this morning and called the school to tell her she MIGHT be coming this afternoon. I'm going to be bringing my bag of knitting so that while we are at the dr office, I can keep my hands busy. Some of you know that right now I'm having a difficult time. Heck if you read my last posting you probably figured that one out. The truth is that I love my husband and couldn't imagine my life without him. Today as I was reading another friend's post about being unhappy and finding someone that made her happy other than her husband, I was thinking. Seriously thinking! My unhappiness isn't my husband or even anyone. Let's see, I had a baby 2 months ago. I just had SIX kids on a road trip AND in my house. I am having problems with my stepdaughter. School is starting. I found out that my pap once again came back abnormal. So that means I'm on another colposcopy and this time there is no excuse but to do the biopsy. The funny thing is, it's not even the worst thing that's happening! Taylor's 7th angel day is coming up on the exact same day that Isabelle's going to school. PLUS Kambree has just reached 2 months which means she is at a higher risk for SIDS. Any wonder why I'm an emotional wreck. So for my Tackle it Tuesday, it's just a simple task (so some may think). Then it's on to tackle my own demons.



Valerie Williams said...

((Gena)) You know I'm here for you no matter what. Good luck with the doctors visits today, yikes!! Thats awesome that Ashley can cook so much! I'm sure that is a big help!! If you need to talk, I'm always just an IM or text away! :) <3

Confessions of Super Mom said...

((((Gena)))) I am here if you need Gena! I hope the dr visits go well and without huge incidents!

Shana said...

(((Gena))) I know you have your plate full but were all here for you!