Cancer Benefit

"I'm going to be holding a raffle for my Mom's benefit. She has had
cancer for the past 4 years. First in her breasts and so then she
had a double mastectomy then they thought she was rid of it and it
comes back into her bones. It then hit her liver. There was no more
hope for her recovering. So her brother contacted Karamono's in
Detroit which is a cancer center. Since then she has been
improving. Her cancer is out of her liver but still in her bones.
She's on Chemo every week but it has left her with several unpaid
medical bills. I am holding a raffle at my store for $1.00 tickets.
Everyone who purchases the tickets will be put into the drawing and
after 14 days I will pick the name by drawing from a hat/container.
So if you are interested please purchase as many raffle tickets
as you can. Each ticket is one entry toward that raffle gift. Thank
you. The ticket link is right here

Please please share this with your friends to help the word get
around. I will have a special place on my website which will tally
up the money so we all know how much we will be helping her. Thank
you so much."