Life's Lessons

We try to teach our children to do the "right" thing. But honestly, how do we know 100% that they won't take candy from a stranger or they won't smoke that cigarette. The truth is we don't. It isn't our fault. It's a wonderful thing called free will. We can guide them on the main road but there will be small roads where they veered off. tonight we got a look into this. Ashley was at a volleyball game with her friend tonight. I got a phone call from my sister towards the end of the game. She said that Ashley told her that some guy offered her a ride home. So they called the cops and informed the principal. My sister didn't learn what else what happened since Ashley left with her friend's sister to come home. So I had Stoney call dispatch to find out what happened. Turns out the guy was talking on a radio or cell phone. He asked someone on the phone if they wanted a ride home or something. Now I'd still be a little hesitant but the guy actually works with Stoney at the jail! We told Ashley that she did the right thing. Better to be safe than sorry. I am proud that she told an adult immediately.



Anonymous said...

WTG Ashley1 I'm glad she told an adult too. You can never be too safe.

Sheila said...

WTG Ashley!