Kambree's 4 month WBV

Kambree had her 4 month WBV. She weighs 12 lbs 13 ozs. 24 3/4 inches. Head circumfrence is 40. She was 5th percent when she was born and is now currently 40th percentile for her weight. He is incredibly pleased with her weight. I told him that she might not be chubby by anyone else's standards but she is definitely my fattest baby. LOL He loved how she just smiled when he walked in the room. He also said she is doing fantastic with the teething. She is just perfect! We can start cereal now if we want. We are also waiting on vaccinations til her 6 month appointment. Oh and I know a few of you were talking about the flu shot. He recommends them because he HAS to. He personally doesn't think the kids should get them unless they have heart and lung problems and that stuff. He also thinks elderly should get them. So basically the people at risk. He also said that it will only protect against 1 out of 12 different strains and it might not even do that. So I feel better about my decision of not doing it!! and I know Laura was saying something about veggies or fruits first. He recommends sweet veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes and squash. Then going to fruits and then back to the green veggies. He said he has 10 kids and this was the best thing in his opinion to get the kids to like veggies even into their teen years. :)



Amanduh said...

My child is younger than yours and a whole baby bigger, LMAO! Miss Kambree is too cute.

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