Manic Monday

So yesterday was such a busy day. I woke up and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. Then let it begin! After taking a shower and getting dressed, I cleaned the house. Because it was already pretty clean, it didn't take long. Then I got ready for Bug to bring Ruger over for pictures. We had lots of fun and took LOTS of pictures. Here are a few.
chunkymonkey.jpg picture by hisminenours6 S7301817quote.jpg picture by hisminenours6 hands.jpg picture by hisminenours6 S7301757bwcolor.jpg picture by hisminenours6
After he left, my brother brought Cheyanna's kids over so they could go to the dentist. For those who don't know, Cheyanna is his girlfriend. She has 3 kids. Nicky 4, Trenton 1, and Angelo 6 months. They are really cute. After they left, we went to the store and then back home. Stoney had to go to work last night so when he left, my sister came over and we started on a photoshoot with my girls. It was a lot of fun! Pictures to come! Then Bug and Ruger came back over. We had dinner and checked out the pics. I finally got to bed at 1 am!!!!