My Husband Rocks 10.31.80

Ok so it's Stoney's birthday today. He is 28 years old! So here is why I love and adore my husband.

Right now he is sleeping because he has been working so hard. He recently got a new job that he will start next year. He interviewed for a patrol position and got it. So he will be going back to the academy in February. He'll be home on weekends. It's going to be hard but well worth it. He is sacrificing things just to do this. I totally love him for that and not sure I could ever do it. There is a good possibility that he'll miss out on Kambree's first steps as well as other firsts. He is selfless for doing this. Of course I am going to be video taping every minute I can for him. I've been watching him the past week and I just have to say that I fall in love with him more an more every day. I love watching him brighten up when the girls smile at him. I can't wait for him to wake up so I can spend some time with him on his birthday and tell him how much I love him.