Sydnee's dentist appointment and speech eval.

I'll start with her dentist appointment since that was last week. Let's just say I LOVE my dentist! Sydnee did pretty well. She laid down and watched tv while they looked at her tooth. Her front one was chipped and had a cavity in it. So he put her on gas and fixed it. She did 100% awesome!!! She just laid there. It looks a lot better. He said that when she starts getting her permanent teeth we are going to get her sealants on all of them. Hopefully we won't have to go back until December.

Now her speech eval. Monday we had Synee's evaluation with Early intervention. It took her awhile to warm up but she did great. The lady was quite impressed how intelligent she is. She can't say her alphabet or numbers yet but we expect that when she can't say much else. They tested her for gross and fine motors, self help, speech, social and emotional, and cognitive. She scored 48 months for self help. Getting herself dressed and everything. Surprise surprise. She is VERY independent. She scored 27-36 months on everything else. Socially she is 36 months. Even her speech is a 30 month level which is great since she is 30 months. But she is struggling with her articulation. She said that her missing tooth might be the cause but then I explained it hasn't been that long since she's had it out. So she said that wouldn't be the cause then. So we have to take her to an audiologist to make sure it's not a hearing issue. I looked it up and it could also be a neurological issue. Anyways, we are going to set up a goal sheet. Then we are going to start with speech therapy. They also want her in a toddler class that meets weekly in Cedar. We also have a home visitor coming monthly. Next year we will start her in preschool that specializes in kids in early intervention. I am just glad I got this done. Hopefully now we can rule out any major problems and get to the bottom of it and correct it.