Tackle it Tuesday 10.14.08

So yes I know today is Wednesday. But guess what! I have to share my Tuesday with you! So even though it's late, here it is. Yesterday I cleaned the entire kitchen and did the dishes. AFTER I fixed the garbage disposal. Didn't you know that a mom is also a plumber! No I didn't use any tools other than the opposite end of a toilet plunger. How awesome am I? LOL I also did ALL the laundry and put it all away minus 2 loads which I will be doing today! I vacuumed the floor and had a clean living room courtesy of Isabelle and Sydnee. Then last night I got to relax. I brought Kambree with me and went to the church to work on Festival of Trees stuff. We also made cards and a little spider. Then I learned to work on a quilt. It was a lot of fun! So I managed to Tackle a lot!