So one of my fellow loopy broads and scrapping buddies just tagged me. Thanks AmanDUH. I love ya! So what is tagged you ask? I have to come up with 7 random things about me and 6 things people don't know about me. At the end I will tag 3 people and they will need to do the same thing! Have fun!!

The weird randomness...
1. i just found out that youtube has "how to cheat" videos for kids
2. Amanda is a bad influence on me and likes to feed my addiction.
3. I'm a bitch if I don't get sex.
4. I am totally in love with my girls and love cuddling with them in bed.
5. I could totally go for a fishing day.
6. I hate having one car now that Stoney's truck broke down.
7. I am IMpatiently waiting for news on Stoney's interview.

The Don't Ask Don't Tell...
1. I clean when I'm mad.
2. I wish my grandma lived closer and was more of a physical part of our lives.
3. I want an external hard drive for Christmas.
4. I hate knowing Stoney is missing out on so much of his son's life.
5. I am pretty shy in real life and can come across as snobby because of it.
6. I am an emotional person and cry over strange things.

Now that I have opened up to you. It's time for some of you to open up! So who do we want to hear from!!! I'm tagging....



Amanduh Huggenkiss said...

Rich would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE if I was bitchy when I don't get sex, LMAO!

HopelesslyDevine said...

LMAO You might be in trouble if you were!