Christmas of Dreams

On November 28th, MomDot will be pulling ONE winner to win prizes from all of these amazing sponsors (details coming soon, still working on huge, mega post about the prizes themselves) to help you celebrate a Christmas of Dreams at your house this year. You must have your entries in no later then the evening of Nov 26th. This is NOT the blog party, this is completely different (we have a big month!)

2) My Favorite things. :)

1. Leapfrog I'm such a huge LEAP FROG fan. I love their educational toys. They really do help and make learning fun! I love their Clickstart, Tag, and Fly Fusion

2.Kushies Anyone that knows me, knows I am a Cloth Diaper addict! I think I am going to cry when Kambree is potty trained because that means NO MORE cloth diapers! Oh what will I do! Kushies has diapers but they also have much more! My favorite ASIDE from diapers has to be this bag. It has everything a mom would ever need!!

3. Babylegs Yes this is yet another addiction. I'll be sharing pics of Kambree sporting some soon! These are the best alternative to tights. they are cute and warm. Plus I don't have to pull tights down and can still show off her cloth diapers!! These Breast Cancer Awareness babylegs have to just be bought!

4. Georgie Tees. Okay I just have to say these shirts are the cutest things ever!!!

5. Uncommonly Cute. These shirts make a statement! I also have to add that these shoes are just adorable and a must have!

For more sponsors for this wonderful give a way check them out!

Sponsors are (and subject to be adding more as the month goes on):

After that, we simply want you to answer this one question in OUR comments:

Why does your family deserve a Christmas of Dreams?

Why do I feel like my family deserves a Christmas of Dreams? Let's just say that my family is my everything. I would love to give them everything their heart desires. But unfortunately, there is this little thing called MONEY. Stoney works extremely hard to let us have what we need. But I would still LOVE to put a smile on their face when seeing what they could win from all these great sponsors. We aren't a unique family that won't have a Christmas. We are just an ordinary family trying to make ends meet.

(exact prize value coming soon, but right now I can say its over $1000 package)


Momstart said...

Here Here! Good Luck

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