COD 11-Thanksgiving

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post by Staci

Now here’s the tough part, if you could only pick one food to eat on Thanksgiving, what would it be? I know, pure torture! Do you have a home-cooked meal or eat out? Does your family dress up?

Wow ONLY one thing! I have so many to choose from! I look forward to the obvious, pumpkin pie and turkey. But I can't wait for rolls from the Bambi! Oh and Michelle's YUMMY sweet potatoes! Out of everything I would have to probably say her sweet potatoes. They are SOOOOO good!!! We have a couple home cooked meals! This year we will be having THREE meals! I couldn't imagine going out to eat on Thanksgiving. I love being near family! No we don't dress up. We wear something comfortable. I don't want to have to worry about getting clothes dirty. So we are perfectly casual!!


Tena said...

I love the rolls too... okay truth be known I can't pass up anything that falls into the carbs category!!

sandy said...

Three meals! Lucky You:)

Proud Mommy said...

Oh yum....rolls to soak up the mashed potatoes and gravy!!!

Staci said...

I can't imagine going out either. I'd much rather spend the day with family and yummy home cooked food!

Tracye said...

i'm soooooooooo hungry!

Momstart said...

bread, is always good, and I don't go out

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Picking one is torture!