COD Day 7 Naughty or Nice list

Wow have I been a slacker! Ok so I am starting this a TAD bit late! But I am going to get on the ball and start doing this everyday at least try to! Momdot is going to challenge me in a whole new way. :)
Day 7 here we come!

post by Sarah

Tell us who is on your naughty list? Who is on your nice list? Why?

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Naughty List: Wow right now, my dear sweet husband! He's on the naughty list for making plans with me and getting side tracked for TWO and a half hours! Marty for distracting my husband for the 2 1/2 hours. Beaver county for not being open today so I can get my car registered. Isn't Friday a business day??

Nice List: My girls for now. So it took me a couple times to get them dressed this morning. But I know when I need their help, I will eventually get it. Ashley has improved her grades so much this year that she really deserves to be on the nice list! Isabelle for babysitting Kambree so I can get a 10 minute shower! Sydnee for not beating anyone up today. :) Kambree for not biting me with her fancy new tooth.

My doctor for telling me great news and helping me find answers.


Erin Tales said...

Most husbands do deserve to be on the naughty list. LOL! But the children can always make the nice list for some reason! Welcome to the MomDot Part-ay!

Erin Tales said...
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tara said...

woohoo! welcome to the party :) haha, I'm one to talk, I didn't even do day 7, maybe I'll go try to get 7 & 8 done!

Tena said...

I don't know a single women who has not put her hubby on the naughty list, at least once a week!

Momstart said...

I find that husbands are on a lot of naughty lists, mine can get on it too but he gets off pretty easily. All he has to do is smile. Am I a sap or what?