Tackle it Tuesday 11.4.08

While most people today are struggling with who they are going to vote for today, I'm struggling with the desire to get dressed. Basically, that whole desire is gone. :) So my Tackle it Tuesday is to get dressed like the fly lady says to the shoe! Then I'm going to take Isabelle to school and pick her up a little later. I am also considering the dreaded grocery shopping trip. But the sun is shining today and I'm ready to meet the day head on. I can do this right! I am going to TACKLE the girls' bedrooms as well! We are moving Isabelle into Ashley's room! Talk about exciting. So I'll be moving that stuff today as well. Hopefully I will have be able to update this post with PICS tonight!! Of course I have to take a picture of my haircut! I spent a couple hours at the salon yesterday with Michelle. It was fun! Cheyanna and Scott (my brother and his girlypoo) took the kids for me. It was nice to have a couple hours off!