Rebel For a Cause!

So maybe you haven't checked my little button on the side. If you didn't, SHAME ON YOU!!! But no worries! I am posting it again so we make sure EVERYONE has a chance to check this crazy offer out! What is the Christmas season about, giving right? You give and let's admit, you hope to receive too! Well here is a chance for you to GIVE GIVE GIVE in hopes of receiving! Receiving what might you ask? Besides just the knowledge of knowing that you contributed to THREE wonderful organizations, you will also be entered into a drawing to win a Canon Rebel!!

Here is a little snippet from MckMama, herself.
"My friend Amie and I are collaborating in this Rebel Without For A Cause Raffle-Way. Think raffle meets giveaway. We'll use this Raffle-Way as a super fantastic way to raise support String of Pearls, a ministry close to my heart after coming within a breath of losing our precious baby Stellan, as well as two adoption grant organizations that are of great importance to Amie--No Hands But Ours and The Elison Project."

So do yourself a favor and go enter!!!! Enter once, Enter twice, Enter as many times as you can! remember every $10 you donate, you get one more chance of winning!!!