Miss Kambree 7 months!

Well since Kambree is officially 7 months today we had a photo shoot!!! So a little update on what she's been up to! She still has her 2 bottom teeth. She is getting faster and faster in the army crawl area. Thursday she went to Storytime and met a 9 month old little girl who was crawling and pulling herself up. That night, Kambree started to get on her hands and knees. AYE AYE AYE! She's been doing it all the time right now. I just have to get my camera out and capture the moment! She LOVES ritz crackers and green beans. She loves her big sisters and playing on the floor with them. She's been playing blocks and we are starting with a couple baby signs right now. She is such a happy baby. She is still breastfed and still doing great. She sleeps 90% of the night! She is just amazing!
101_1213.jpg picture by hisminenours6 101_1153.jpg picture by hisminenours6 101_1154.jpg picture by hisminenours6 101_1159.jpg picture by hisminenours6 101_1162.jpg picture by hisminenours6 101_1169.jpg picture by hisminenours6 101_1199.jpg picture by hisminenours6


Virginia said...

Thank-you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your Lil Kam is ALWAYS a pleasure to look at. There seems to be such depth in her eyes- almost like she is a treasured old soul. You always dress her so adorably- you were made to be a Momma to girls that is for sure! You do it SOOO very well!

Jami said...

Your pictures turned out really cute! It was fun to get together this past weekend we will have to do it again soon.