Tackle it /tuesday

So wow today I feel quite accomplished! After finally getting dressed, I managed to get quite a bit done. I cleaned the counters and stove in the kitchen. It's amazing how a 9 year old seems to forget those! Then I peeled some apples and started to boil them. While they boiled, I started sewing a shopping cart cover for my friend Jen. I took a break a little later and decided to hang the curtains up in Kam and Syd's room. I also cleaned the room since it was a little messy! I'm so excited because it turned out pretty good (see pics below). Right now the girls' toys are in big rubbermaid totes. When we get our taxes back, I'm going to stock up on clear plastic bins that are big enough to hold a few toys. This way we can start labeling them and organizing all the toys! No more emptying out the toy box!!! I also need to take some pictures of Sydnee and get them framed for her walls too. Then I'm going to get their names in vinyl letters on framed glass and put them on the wall.

So here are the pictures of the girls room!

I stood her up but now she figured out she can pull herself up. OH BOY!

Sydnee's bed

I need to re-upholster the rocking chair


jess said...

Oh wow, I love that room. Those colors! And I love the wallhanging. I'm slowly re-doing the boys' rooms. I did quite a bit myself yesterday, but nothing blog-able except that my fridge now looks presentable, lol. I cannot believe she's already 9!

Jen said...

Looks great!!