For those not following my twitter. My computer crashed. JOY JOY! What a bummer right! I can't download pictures off my camera or anything! But the great news is, I'm expecting my new computer this week!! Just in time for Stoney to leave me! At least a few days a week! LOL He'll be back and hopefully the next couple months go by quickly! I know that a lot of wives go without their husbands for years while they are in another country. So I'm blessed that I will get to see him on weekends, talk to him several times a day! and that the only danger he will be in is intense workouts! I really can't wait! I have had to explain to him though that when we are watching cop shows, I don't need to be reminded that he will be doing that stuff! Even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I do kind of like having him around. :)

So since I'm checking in, I should say, KAMBREE IS CRAWLING! Really truly crawling and driving her mama batty! Like I didn't have 3 other kids to chase after right now. I was hoping that she'd hold off on the whole moving thing til Stoney got done with the academy. Hey I can partake in some wishful thinking right??

Well that's it for about now. I hope to be updating everyone regularly soon again!!!