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I have had abnormal paps since I got pregnant with Isabelle in 2002. LEEP performed Feb 2004. Numerous colposcopies and biopsies since. I have been going in every 3-6 months when I'm not pregnant for checkups. When I got pregnant with Kambree, I had another abnormal pap. They did a colposcopy at about 14 weeks. Then repeated it at week 32. Both just showed not much progress. He redid my pap at my 6 week which came back abnormal. So I went in for another colposcopy and took biopsies in September 2008. It came back low grade. So I was supposed to repeat again in January. Well I delayed it because I was afraid. I finally got in last week and they just called. It regressed on it's own!!! When I had my LEEP, they removed most of my cervix. That has put me at high risk for an incompetent cervix during pregnancy. My dr had just said that we'd discuss a hysterectomy since we are done with babies, IF my pap came back abnormal again. But for the next few months, we don't have to worry about it!