The Cloth Craze... Washing your Wool

Hey everyone! I just want to say that YES I know there are LOTS of ways to wash wool but this is my favorite way! If you'd like me to try another way and put it up on a future edition of The Cloth Craze, shoot me an email! themorrisbunchblog@live.com

In the future, I will be sharing other products that I love as well! The websites I mentioned in the video are the stores I got my wool from and I got my wool wash from. Here they are again...


jess said...

Thank you Gena for the props!!! This is a great video for people like me, who need to do things the right way for a change. ; )

I wanted to add that I don't wash my woolies often. :-x If you let them air dry in the sun for a few hours, they'll smell better. When I do wash them, on the last rinse, I fold them in half, then roll them and squeeze, but I don't wring them. I'm sure it's technically not right but it works well.
Of course, Mike throws them in the WASHER AND DRYER!!! @@ (see blog for pics, lol)
PS- I have to mention that you have the sweetest voice. :-D

tara said...

this is great advice! now I need to get me some wool!