Crib Diaries Day 2

So last night I put Kam to bed at 10 in her crib. It went smoothly! Then I walk in and sit down on the computer prepared to get some work done. Then I hear WAAAAH!!! Not from Kambree but from Sydnee! So I get up to check on her. She's walking around screaming holding herself. So I knew right away that she had to go to the bathroom and was confused. She wouldn't calm down though and had an accident. That's when Kam woke up screaming. So now I have two screaming kids. I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position and cry. But I push that thought aside and put a finally calm Sydnee on my bed while I get Kam. She goes right back to sleep so I lay her down for a minute while Sydnee begins screaming again. I walk two feet and Kam's up and at it again. Seriously what did I do to piss someone off! Why can't they just go to sleep! By 11pm, I managed to get Sydnee calmed down and in my bed. Then I got Kam back to sleep and to her bed. Of course she was back up at 1am. She slept like crap since she didn't have a very good nap that day! Here's hoping to a better night tonight! I will conquer the crib!