Eebee's Review!

We recently received a set of DVD's from Every Baby's Eebees adventures. I love educational DVD's and television shows. But trying to find something that meets my needs and my child's needs isn't always easy. I am always on the look for videos that are fun and educational. I need something that is going to hold a small child's attention for more than 5 minutes. But I don't want to plop them in front of the tv and let them watch shows that aren't going to benefit them.

I was excited to try these videos but I wasn't sure what to expect. I was surprised to find that Eebee captured the attention of not only my 9 month old but it captured my 3- and 5-year old's attention. I am now able to get some much needed mommy time to finish dishes, cook or just shower!

Finding playtime activities can be hard when you are trying to find something that all the kids can do. Eebee's provided some fun activities that even my 5 year old enjoyed as well as my 9 month old. This video shows the girls interacting with some of the ideas that they got from Eebee's.

Eebee's believes that through play, a child is figuring things out about objects and people.
Questions begin to form and through play, they can find answers. As the child develops, the questions, theories and solutions continue to evolve. Play also helps them master a variety of physical, social and intellectual skills.

I think Eebee's would make great gifts for children 5 and under. I would highly recommend them! Help your child grow and learn with Eebee's adventures. Use these adventures as you and your children interact with each other as well! Bring them home and prepare yourself to have a lot of fun watching your children explore.

Eebee's adventures can be found right on their site. Each DVD is $17.95 or you can buy all three for $48.45.

Eebee's also offers many different products to help your children develop. Hop on over to their site and share your favorite products right here!