Family Fit Friday Kickoff Coming!

Hey everyone! It's Gena again! I just have to say that I'm incredibly excited! We have less than 2 weeks until Family Fit Friday Kickoff! We are gearing up for it over here at The Morris Bunch household!

For those who don't know what Family Fit Fridays are check it out here. We are going to be offering some great giveaways, reviews and discount codes throughout the month of May. If you haven't already checked out the buttons to the right, do it now! We have a 20% with Doce Vida Fitness. We have 15% off with Slimperfect.

Our giveaways include:

  1. Bobgear diaper bag
  2. Breakpal memberships
  3. Wat-aah prize pack
  4. Slimperfect suit
  5. Hip Hop Baby
We have fun activities planned! We will be including directions, equipment needed and videos and pictures of my own family playing! We have lots of fun recipes to eat as well! I will be posting challenges to participate in as well!

Feel free to check out this video and we will see on Friday May 1!