It's All About the Mutsy!

Charlie Sheen, Halle Berry, Tobey Maguire, Tori Spelling, and Tiger Woods have something in common? Do you know what it is? THE MUTSY!

Mutsy, originally founded as Mutsaerts in 1935, got its start building traditionally styled prams. Initially serving the Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the idea of portability and comfort were critical given these countries’ emphasis on walking. The result was larger than normal wheels to provide improved maneuverability and a smoother ride for baby. Currently, their vision is to create an aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced frame as the basis of a distinctive new line of innovative baby transport products.

The basis of the Mutsy range is three frames, each with its own specific features. This allows parents to easily design or modify their own stroller. Various components fit into the clean and modern Mutsy frames such as a travel cot (bassinet), a stroller seat, a car seat (with adaptr), and a fun seat for toddler. An intelligent click mechanism allows for components to be easily interchanged with a single movement.

  • Mutsy 4Rider, featuring Mutsy’s signature modern profile with edgy, single-spoke wheels.
  • 4Rider “Next”, the extraordinary functionality and minimalist look of 4Rider with the addition of a luxurious leather handle
The 4Rider is available in these colors.
Active Coffee, Active Black, College Black, TeamCollege Lime, TeamCollege Navy, TeamCollege Ocean, College Orange, College Red, College Pink, Team Brown and Dark Kakihaki (both new for 2009).

Price range: $199 up to $870 for strollers. From $19 to $199 for accessories and other items.

Need More Room in your Dining Room?

Mutsy also has a FABULOUS booster seat, Grow Up seat. It has a sleek design that will make it look great in even the fanciest settings! The harness will keep your child safely secure during dinnertime. It will fit a child up to 4 years of age! It comes in raspberry, blueberry (shown), nut, mandarin, aqua and apple. Retails for $59.99

Mutsy is giving my readers a discount code for 10% off any Mutsy order at Goores. Use Code "tmbmu" at check out for your discount!


tara said...

I could really use that stroller! Mutsy is a great brand!

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