The Karaoke Channel Online Review!

I LOVE karaoke but I'm not about to embarrass myself in public. I have been wanting to get a karaoke machine for the girls for some time now. I just haven't been able to find one that suits my needs. Nothing is better than getting with family and pretending that you can sing! When I was given the opportunity to try one out, I jumped at the opportunity! It was an opportunity I will never forget.


The Karaoke Channel Online offers three different membership options ranging from $10/month to $99.95/year. It offers over 5000 songs to choose from! New songs are added weekly! You can even record your songs. The karaoke channel online works with your webcam so you can share with others! They offer full screen animated backgrounds.
Upon receiving the karaoke kit, I immediately took it out of the package and started setting it up. I was a little excited and couldn't get it going fast enough! I did manage to get it up and running though! It took about ten minutes which seemed like EONS for my impatient attitude! I found that there are songs for everyone on this list. If you like 50s, rock or even Christian music. This is the karaoke kit for you!

I think that the karaoke channel is a blast. I got to let my hair down and get to singing. Of course, my family weren't too thrilled that I was singing. But they will get used to it! I am already planning several karaoke parties!

Check out the fun you are missing!

To Buy:

Visit The Karaoke Channel Online and order your family a karaoke kit for $39.95 or buy the year membership and get the kit for free!