The UTurn Challenge

U-Turn Challenge

Four families have been challenged to turn their financial lives around. During the web series, the contestants and readers can learn how to make smart money choices. Of course a reality show isn't a reality show without a little incentive. $10,000 will be given to the household that makes the most progress.

  • Erin, a single third grade teacher from Portland, Ore. Erin is looking forward to getting her spending under control, in addition to her classroom.
  • Brad, Tina and their two young children from Everett, Wash. Recent life changes (including Tina taking a 50% pay cut to spend more time with her family) have created financial hardship for this family.
  • Willis and Adria, who are ready to retire, from Salem, Ore. This couple’s long-term debt is threatening their hopes and dreams.
  • Julia and Danny, who live and attend college in Eugene Ore. This engaged couple would like to start their new life together debt-free.
You can also check out their challenge blogs U-Turn Challenge.


With the current state of our economy, I think that it is wise if everyone re-evaluates their finances. First Tech Credit Union offers resources as well as financial tips to the contestants that can be useful for readers as well. Now go check it out and cheer your favorite household on.

Who is your favorite household?
Are there any financial tips that you found are helpful?