All done!!!

Stoney finished the academy for corrections on July 27th! He officially graduates on the 25th of August. It was an 11 week training in Salt Lake so he would leave here on Monday morning and come home Friday nights. It was hard on all of us. It has been so nice having home. He loves working at the jail. He can also work at the shop which helps our finances! I also took on more responsibility at work. I was given another store so I work an extra day a week.

Stoney and I are closing in on our 1st anniversary!! Not sure what we will do but it will be a busy day with school starting and Belle's birthday the following day. My baby's going to be 3! She is very excited and is always talking about her birthday. We are having a little tea party with cupcakes and sandwiches. It should be a lot of fun!

Sydnee is doing well. She has a dr appointment tomorrow for a 4 month checkup. We are having some nursing issues. Not sure if it's a supply issue or something with her. Hopefully we can sit down and discuss it with her dr. She also is showing a very big interest in solids. She still has a little bit of a thrust in her tongue but we are planning on starting solids at 6 months! We are going to get her highchair soon and I want her to get used to that first.

Ashley starts school on the 17th. She is ready! I am done shopping for her stuff except for a few last minute things that her teacher might need. :) Both the girls are going to start dance this year! This will be Ashley's third year and her last year in the class she is in before she moves up to the next age group!