Growing Growing Growing!

Well the girls had their appointments today! I will start with Belle.

She didn't want to go to the dr at all. We had to explain that she wouldn't get any shots so she was okay with that. They weighed her and she is 24 lbs 12 ozs. She is also 34 1/2 inches. Can we say petite! She is 10th percentile on both. But her dr said that she is very healthy and couldn't believe how active she is! She is also smart for her age. She had her iron checked and it was good. They gave her a prescription for flouride. and we bring her back in a year.

Sydnee is doing extremely well too. They checked her ears because she is pulling and biting while nursing but they look good. She is 11 lbs 8 ozs and 24 inches! Which is 10% for weight and 50% for height. The dr was shocked at how strong she is. She has a lot of strength and moves EVERYWHERE! She rolls and scoots. So she is on marks for everything. They said I could start her on cereal for a month then slowly start other foods when she gets the hang out of eating. We are going to let her just nurse for another 2 months and follow her cues. She is showing signs of being more than ready to start solids but she is also perfectly content with just nursing. The other dr in the practice that I usually take them too also agreed and prefers to wait closer to 6 months.

We also went shopping today. Stoney got some pants. We got a new entertainment center FINALLY! Our old one was just a temporary one that was starting to fall apart. So we got one that is a lot more stable. We also got a new dvd/vcr player for the living room. Then we finished Ashley's school shopping off with shoes! She got her tennis shoes and dressy shoes.

When we came home, I went to the salon and got a pedicure! OMG I was in heaven! The chair is a massaging chair which makes it all the more better. I could have easily fallen asleep there. We came home and had leftover chicken alfredo from last night. Now we are going to watch a movie and relax. Stoney has to work in the morning and I have to do inventory for two stores tomorrow. So it will be a busy day! Saturday we are going to the fair and Sydnee is going into the baby contest. Stoney has to work but we will have fun. :)