Catching up

Wow so as you can see. I haven't actually been the best at staying up to date on this thing. Not the easiest thing to keep up to date on when as I'm typing Sydnee's screaming. So I went in the kitchen, lo and behold, she's on the kitchen counter and can't reach the chair. She was climbing up to get some chips. Earlier today she was up on top of my washer and dryer getting cereal out of the cupboards above them. Where she found a box of lasagna noodles and of course had to test them out.Gotta make sure that mom and dad aren't hiding anything good in there. About 15 minutes ago, my neighbor girl was poking her head in my door hollering for me. They were getting ready to eat dinner and Sydnee refused to leave! I guess she wanted to take a toy with her. UMM just what we need! More toys! So I go over and she's putting her shoes on and coming home peacefully. What I'm gonna do with this child, I will never know. :) Other than love her!

Meanwhile, Kambree is laying here perfectly content sleeping on her boppy next to me. Just letting the fan blow in her hair. I think when she's older, she's going to insist on an open vehicle. Ya know, a convertible, ATV or something of the works. That way she can feel the wind blowing in her hair. Maybe she is just enjoying having hair after looking at her poor daddy who is damn near bald. She feels quite lucky! Well except for the fact that she has no teeth that she can sink into the steak she is drooling after at dinner sometimes. I know we are just total jerks and won't share! Something about sharing my meat and my pepsi just doesn't seem appealing to me. :)

While all this fun stuff is going on at home, Stoney gets the joy of working. I know he'd rather be home hanging out with us. He jokes about finding a place to hide from this house full of girls. But he really loves it and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Okay I'll stop there for now and finish editing this darn page so it looks somewhat pretty. :) Keep checking in and if I'm not keeping up, kick me in the butt. :)