2 days in a row!

Can you believe it! I am posting 2 whole days in a row! You all should be so proud of me. :) Now this one will take a little longer to type as I'm eating a popsicle. For some reason I can't seem to suck on the thing without holding it. Anyone else have that problem?

So this morning, Stoney brings Sydnee BACK to Ashley's room to sleep when he gets off. 2 hours later, she's screaming bloody murder. So I jump up in a panic and run to the room. I calm her down and realize he left his radio on and it went off scaring the bejeebies out of her. So we sit down and cuddle in my computer chair. When I hear Kambree cough and gag. I look over and she just spit up pretty good with a lot of nasty mucous. I know the mucous is just nasal crap. But still NASTY! So I plan on just sitting here and hanging out. Then I get a phone call from my MIL. OOPS I forgot Stoney's cousin's bridal shower was today! So I told her that I wasn't going to make it because Kambree wasn't feeling well. But she said "Not a lot of people are here." So feeling bad I decide well shoot I'll go. I got the girls dressed and ran up there. Neat and great.

Fast forward to coming home. It was 1pm. Stoney was still freaking sleeping! I wake him up and he tells me he even slept at work. MUST BE NICE! I want some sleep! LOL We hung out and watched Vantage Point. Good show. But now I'm just sitting here. Probably just going to play a game and see if I can run Sydnee out of this abundance of energy she seems to have. Where the hell does she get it? As of right now, she's running Naked with popsicle sticks up her nose. @@ Where on Earth does she come up with this stuff!

Okay I had to get the boppy so I can feed Kambree. This is seriously the best invention EVER! Well besides the sling and a few other things that aren't really parenting related. and whoever thinks that sounds dirty needs to pick their minds out of the gutter. Tonight looks like it's going to be one of those long nights that I wish I was at work and Stoney was home. Thank God for Animal Planet. Sydnee loves to watch the chimps. She just doesn't care for the commercials. How many 2 years olds scream when a commercial comes on? Ok now it's time for you to wake up and go look something else up. :)