Just another day

So today I woke up about 8am. I laid in bed thinking that today I was going to go to church with Sydnee and Kambree. THINK AGAIN. I sat up and wow did my head hurt. So I sat down and was going to catch up on emails. AOL wouldn't open for me. Then Kambree spit up all over me. Then about 5 minutes later Sydnee wakes up screaming (for the 2nd day in a row). She came in and WOW she stunk. So I try to get up to change her but not before she gets her diaper off. NEON GREEN POOP! Has to be the Capn Crunch. LOL So that's how my day started.

I had to glue two drawers on the girls' dressers yesterday. Now I just have to put them into the dresser and put the clothes back in them. I'll be lucky to have that done by the end of the week. LOL I have to try to get this stuff done by the end of the week. The girls will be home in 1 week! Then we have 2 weeks til school starts! EEK. Oh yeah and of course Isabelle's birthday is in 2 weeks and our anniversary. Do you think we could have anything else going on at that time! Just what I need right?

What I seriously need right now is a good book and a glass of wine. I have the good book. I got Book 13 from Janet Evanovich from my grandma again. So I'm gonna read it again before I read 14. If you haven't heard of her books, you seriously need to get them! All her books are great. But the Stephanie Plum series is the best!

Oh I could totally go for a BBQ with the fam! That would be great. I love spending time with everyone. It's fun to watch my babies with my nieces and nephews. BTW I'm up to 4 nieces and 8 nephews. HOLY CRAP. Of course if you throw in my bunch the numbers even out. LOL 10 girls (counting Taylor) 9 boys. All I can say is that my brother better keep Cheyanna around because we need the boys in the family.

Well I better get off here and finish up cleaning while the girls are sleeping. Then it's time to make dinner. Can't wait!! We roasted a roast on the rotisserie and gonna make tacos with it. YUMMY!!!