Monday Memes

So I have been checking stuff out to blog about and found a new word. "MEME". As I wonder if that says ME ME, like the famous saying in my house right now. I realize it is a new concept that could be fun AND it is pronounced MEEM like Theme. If you can't pronounce Theme then I just can't help ya. Okay so maybe I can. Other rhyming words are seem, beam, team. Get it yet? So now that we know how to say meme, would you like to know what a meme is? meme is basically a daily traditional blog. Okay so maybe on Mondays it will be Mood Monday or Monday Funnies. Just a couple of the ideas that I found. I like the Tackle it Tuesday idea or maybe a Tuesday Timeout. Well if you haven't figured all this out by now, I'm just gonna let you google it. If you don't know what google is, then your just SOL and MAYBE if you are as sweet as pie (or bring me pie) I will explain it all once more! I know it's a little odd to start things on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday or Monday. (whichever day you consider to be the first of the week). Hey no one has ever said I was normal. So as I was saying! Tomorrow I am going to begin my research on what I want to do for a meme. maybe I'll try a couple different ones out. You'll only know if you check back! Oh and Jess I know you are reading, so you should just jump on the bandwagon and start a meme for yourself. :) Maybe I'll even be nice and send you a picture of a homemade pumpkin pie. Ain't I sweet?

Oh and dont' you just love my pretty signatures! I had them done courtesy from Laura and Lisa on VIP Signatures. (link on the right).