Tackle it Tuesday 1st Edition

Yes I have chosen my first official Meme. As I've stated before, I have BIG problems staying organized or finishing things. That's one of my goals. So to help me complete this goal I'm going to start a Tackle it Tuesday Meme. Every Tuesday I will post a job that I chose to tackle it. I will take a picture of this job before and then after. Just to show you that I'm doing it!!! Of course being a mom, my jobs may repeat. I might choose a regular daily chore that just needs to be done that day. I might choose a new chore that is desperately screaming my name. Because I have Isabelle's birthday party coming on Saturday, I'm going to tackle my laundry. I got behind since we haven't been home much the last couple of days.

Do you want to join in on Tackle it Tuesday? Have you already started a Tackle it Tuesday meme? Wanna share it? Heck if you just want to share a different Tuesday meme? LINK us.