My Moody Monday

Ok I didn't have time to post this weekend. It was quite the busy weekend.
Saturday: Isabelle's Birthday party planned for 5 pm. Knowing that things were going to take twice as long with a 2 year old and a new baby, I got an early start on things. I worked on laundry throughout the day which actually wasn't bad thanks to Wednesday!! Then the girls cleaned Ashley's room while I tackled the rest of the house one room at a time. I didn't just wipe, I scrubbed and it felt great! But by the end of the day my hands were doing this strange thing. :) Guess I scrubbed a little hard! Stoney picked up the cake. Which of course Sydnee had to taste test. The little squirt came running down the hall saying "MMMMM". I went to the cake and it now says H*ppy Birthday Isabelle.
Then of course we are singing her Happy Birthday. We had to start over after Sydnee got a little impatient. Watch the video to see. :)

So we finally got to sing her Happy Birthday the right way.

She really made out! Abbi spent the night. They played Little Pet Shop on the tv the rest of the night and gave makeovers.
SUNDAY: This was our 3rd year anniversary. Wow can you believe it? 3 years. I got up and took the girls to church while Stoney went to the packing plant (it's the bow hunt right now). Church was great. We have Missionaries from Belize. I love learning about the different cultures, struggles and accomplishments of these missionaries. It's amazing how we have so much while other places are struggling for the little things. After church we came home and hung out for awhile. I cooked dinner. Grilled Salmon, oven roasted potatoes and cheese bread. YUMMY!
Now here's my Moody part: I totally get that he's a man but why don't men get it? I got him ANOTHER dog for our anniversary. For those who don't know, he lost one of his pups to parvo awhile back. While sitting here one day I found another pup that was the same mix as the pups he had. I thought it was perfect. Especially since I am usually bitching when he brings home another dog. Well at first he claimed I only got the dog for me. Well he decided she is HIS dog. She goes everywhere with him and Sue (his other dog). I then got him a card and cooked him dinner last night. Instead of a "Thank you" I got "well I cook dinner 90% of the time." SERIOUSLY! His idea of dinner is pizza. I was on bedrest up until the beginning of June! So yeah he was expected to cook. Well since I had Kambree, he's been working nights. So occasionally on his days off, he cooks. We've been up to my dad's house quite a few times too though. So I don't see how he cooks 90% of the time. I don't consider throwing a pizza in the oven, cooking. It just really upset me that he was that inconsiderate. I wasn't expecting him to buy me a gift. But a card or even to be appreciated would have been nice. Saturday he came home and instead of saying "wow the house looks great" I got "You need to do something with the crib because it's blocking my gun cabinet." Yes I know I need to do something with it! But right now it's not doing any harm. I told him that it would have been nice if he would have complimented me instead of saying something negative. He said I didn't give him time to compliment. SERIOUSLY? He was home for FIVE minutes before he made the comment about the crib.
He did take me to dinner on Friday. That alone was it's own crappy time. After cleaning house and taking care of the kids, I got all gussied up. I tell him I want to leave about 6. Well about 6 pm, guess who isn't home? Yep you guessed it! Stoney left at 5 to go drop off grass at the farm and stayed to chat and drink with his dad. I had to call him to find out where he was. Then he didn't understand why I was upset. He wasn't even going to shower after mowing the yard. So I told him to go shower while I took the kids to my dad's house. Of course he messed that part up too. I told him to just find a sitter 2 weeks before this as my gift. The day OF, he told me he forgot! So I had to find a sitter last minute. Thank goodness my dad didn't have too many plans. Dinner turned out nice but I just wish he could have been a little more considerate. Well I still love him and am grateful for the last 3 years he has given me.



Shana said...

((((Gena)))) I'm sorry things haven't been perfect recently. I hope Stoney smartens up soon and treats you the way you deserve to be treated!

Confessions of Super Mom said...

Gena, I am sorry things have been so rough for you! I hope things get better and Stoney starts treating you like the Queen you are! ((()))

Runninlateagain! said...

Happy birthday isabelle! That cake looks so yummy, it's a good thing that I'll get my cake craving fixed on wednesday for Paige and Toby's bday LOL!