Tackle it Tuesday!

Okay so it's Wednesday morning but I did accomplish Tackle it Tuesday. Instead of doing laundry though, I wound up tackling my room. I had the girls home to help a little bit. So I got to work. Keep in mind that we've been trying to help my dad paint and get his house ready for his gf to move in. So we didn't have much of a chance to do anything to our house. We were getting another bed and another dresser. So we had to get this room tackled. It still has some work to be done but WOOOHOOOO I felt a lot better noticing the differences. :)

S7300454.jpg picture by hisminenours6 S7300455.jpg picture by hisminenours6 S7300456.jpg picture by hisminenours6 S7300453.jpg picture by hisminenours6


Amanduh Huggenkiss said...

Woohoo great job mama! I'm still tackling, LOL. Shhh!

Valerie Williams said...

Good job!! I swear our house can get messy SO fast. And we don't even have any mobile kids LOL