When will it end...

Seriously. I got the call today that my pap was once again abnormal. I've lost count of how many times I've heard that over the past 6 years. I had a LEEP performed 5 years ago making me high risk for any future pregnancies. I've had my share of colposcopies and biopsies. This next one will be my third in a 8 month period. I got my last abnormal pap at my first prenatal visit. Then I had a colposcopy done at 14 weeks and 32 weeks. He chose not to do the biopsy either time because the benefit didn't outweigh the risk. Thank God!

Well at my 6 week check up, he said that we'd just do a pap and see what it said. Hoping that Kambree sluffed whatever bad cells off that were making my cervix their current residence. He also told me that if I had a normal pap, he would let me get the IUD! Before he told me no because he wanted me to have 1 year of normal paps first. So I was really looking forward to this.

Deep down I knew it was pointless to be excited and to get my hopes up. But come on, if you don't have hope, what else do you have? So anyways, it's just made my already down in the dumps mood to head further down the drain. They wanted me in tomorrow but Stoney's working and I don't want to take all the kids by myself. Oh and did I mention we are fricking broke thanks to a BIG screw up on his paycheck. Yep over $600 that we have to wait til Friday. So next week I get to make the trip to Cedar twice! Once by myself to take the girls to their appointments. Then again on Thursday for mine. Will update you all when I can. I have to get back to my Tackle it Tuesday!



Brit said...

Good luck with the colp. and biopsy! I'm sorry you are still having to go through this.