Thursday Thirteen 1st Edition

I've been thinking about this one for awhile. What are 13 things I can blog about. I have decided that today being my first official Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to blog about things that I'm grateful for. Especially because I could really use this to remind myself of the blessings I have in my life.

1. My girls. I love waking up and getting hugs and kisses. I love going to bed every night with hugs and kisses. I love seeing the looks on their faces when they discover something new.

2. Stoney. He is my rock. Even through the hard times, he manages to stay strong for me. Making me happy is one of his top priorities. He works so hard so I can stay home with our girls. He is also the best support I could ask for.

3. God. Obviously without God, none of us would be here today. Even with all the tests life has put me through, God has carried me through them.

4. Being an American. What more can I say! I am forever grateful for the freedom that we have. The freedom to choose who is in our lives. The freedom to choose what we do with our lives. The freedom to be who we are.

5. My parents. Even though their parenting style is different than my own, I am forever grateful for them. They have allowed me to be the parent I CHOOSE to be. They taught me to stand for what I believe in and to fight for what I want. When I needed them, they were there.

6. Having Shelter. I do not live in a huge fancy house but I don't live in a cardboard box either. Our house could be a little bigger or better laid out, but I could be cold hoping for the rain to stop.

7. My friends. I have some great friends that I can totally rely on. My Loopy Broads are the best! I don't know what I would do without my friends. Someone to talk to and not be afraid of judgmental people.

8. Staying home. I am incredibly grateful that I'm allowed to stay home and watch my girls grow everyday. I don't have to miss a thing and I can be there when they need me.

9. Breastfeeding. This is the best bonding experience I could ever imagine. I love looking down at my baby girl and seeing the love in her eyes as she's nursing.

10. Reliable car. I am able to take my girls to the drs and out of town without worrying about being stranded on the side of the road. A lot of people don't have that opportunity.

11. chocolate. How can something so simple be so wonderful!! It is such a mood lifter!!

12. My bed! We just got rid of our old bed and have a new one. it is soo comfortable. It allows me to sleep a lot better. It also has more room so my girls have a place to go when they have a rough night.

13. My doctor. For the past 4 years, he has been doing his best to keep me healthy and to prevent me from undergoing unnecessary surgeries. Thanks to him, I have delivered 2 healthy baby girls at full term!!

Of course I am grateful for so much more but these are just a few.



marcia@joyismygoal said...

That was just perfect for you first TT what a sweetie-- and being grateful is good for the soul:)

yasmin said...

Happy TT and welcome! Great post and I feel you on breastfeeding. ;)
Fellow TT Participant