Wrestling it Wednesday Accomplished

WOOOHOOO I did it once again! I just need to finish folding the clothes in these hampers and I'm DONE! I am so proud of myself! I HATE folding clothes and putting stuff away. Plus I had other challenges today while trying to accomplish my goal! Sydnee was incredibly grumpy today and needed a lot of my time. Then Kambree has been cluster feeding today or just wanted to be talked to and held. I had 3 loads of towels and sheets, 3 loads of darks, 1 load of whites, 1 load of baby clothes and 1 load of diapers. That's 9 loads of laundry! Plus I had 3 loads of clothes that needed to be folded. I have 1 load of socks to match tomorrow and some of Kambree's clothes to fold and then I'm done!!! I truly feel so great completing these little tasks.