Thursday Thirteen #2

So with all the stress and crap going on, my mouth has broken out in canker sores. Talk about painful! So the best thing I have found to get rid of them aside from cutting the stress out of my life, is HONEY! Yep. Not the honey you buy in the store. But PURE fresh honey. I thought I'd do my 13 on honey uses. :)

  1. It helps calm your body.
  2. It will add minerals, vitamins and nutrients that you could be lacking from other sources in your diet.
  3. It can be used as an antiseptic.
  4. It can help your body retain calcium.
  5. Adding it to a warm liquid and drinking will act as a mild laxative.
  6. It is a good source for energy and power.
  7. It is a weight loss aid. Doesn't increase body fat and easily digestible. It also helps move along the more difficult foods that you digest.
  8. Hangover remedy. 15ml of liquid honey with 80ml of orange juice and 70ml of natural yogurt. Blend them together until smooth.
  9. It helps you sleep. Just add a teaspoon of honey in warm milk!
  10. Constant use of honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria and viral diseases.
  11. Honey is useful for the skin diseases. It can be applied externally for wounds, sores, and burns. It is also believed to minimize disfiguring scar.
  12. As it is hygroscopic it speeds up healing, growth of healing tissue and dries it up.
    Honey acts as a sedative and is very usefull in bed wetting disorders.
  13. the use of honey reduces odors, reduces swelling, and reduces scarring; it also prevents the dressing from sticking to the healing wound.



Baby Mama {Soleil} said...

A great Thursday Thirteen! My dad has always sworn by honey! I eat it quite a bit myself.

Shana said...

Hmmmmm, I never knew so much about honey! Speaking of honey how is the bee keeping going? Do I get to bring some honey home with me when I visit?