What makes a mom a mom?

I've often read comments to moms and I've heard them myself. You know the comments after a woman gives birth. Did you do it drug free? Was it natural? blah blah blah. Then you have the comments by some saying "WOOHOOOO You are a brave woman for having no drugs" "Wow you had a drug free labor" "Way to go on going naturally". Honestly what is more natural than having a baby. Yes you could probably just go out and have it in a corn field somewhere. Does that make it more natural than in a hospital? What makes one woman brave because she had a baby without drugs? Does that make the woman that opted for the drugs a loser or a baby? I think every woman that has a baby deserves a big WOOHOOO. Who cares how the baby got here as long as the baby got here safely.

I had 2 deliveries with stadol. 1 delivery without even an IV. 2 deliveries with pitocin and an epidural. I have to say the BEST experience was probably my last. I wasn't in any pain and was totally relaxed. I don't think I'm any less brave because I opted for the epidural. This time I went in with an open mind. I decided that I had enough pain to deal with when I was pregnant and I wanted to have some control of my own delivery. At least as much as I could. I was so glad I did it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think that as a woman who has just given birth we all need to be recognized for what we went through to have the delivery we wanted. Whether it be drug free or completely drugged. LOL I don't see the men rushing out to have babies!! Give yourself a pat on the back! Because what makes a mom is the little baby you are holding.