Should be sleeping...

Seriously it's 3.20 am and I should be sleeping. Instead I just got woke up out of a dream or a nightmare that is mind boggling. I don't remember much which is what makes it mind boggling. I remember hearing a story of men breaking in, raping and killing the wives. So of course now I can't sleep. The joys of having Stoney working nights. I can't just cuddle in the safety of his arms. So I dreamt that I found his service weapon and kept shooting at every little noise. Yes isn't that what happens when you are panicked with a gun in hand? So then I continue to shoot til I hear noise. It is laughter and voices. Then I see the lights. Oh shit they are at the glass door in front of me. So I shoot. and DAMMIT I woke up. So now I can't sleep.

So I guess I will sit here and think of happy thoughts like the fact that in less than 12 hours I will have my girls back!! I know that this trip to see Nana and Papa is great for everyone involved but I still miss them like crazy! Of course the girls are ready to stay another week. They have so much fun at Nana and Papa's. I don't think they really could handle another week without getting too homesick. I know they are excited to come home. I'm driving to Nephi by myself with Sydnee and Kambree. then when I pick up the girls, we'll be going to my brother's house for my nephew's birthday. For those who don't know, Buddha is turning 4. so you wanna meet my brother? Or should I say sister? hehehe

I will have to make another post with more family pics tomorrow.