It's been so busy around here lately. We are going back to the packing plant today. We'll be there all day. Stoney wants to get 6-8 deer cut and wrapped. Then tonight we are getting Spur. The girls are so excited since they haven't seen him yet other than pictures. For those who don't know, Spur is our new horse. Stoney's friend's IL's are giving him to us. The girls are extremely excited. Ashley loves horses and right now this is awesome bribery to get her to get her chores and homework done. The other day we drove out to check Spur out. He is the brown with black mane. Sydnee was very excited and fed him carrots! Nobody has been on him for 2 years so Stoney has to work him before we put the girls on him. But they are excited to start riding.



Valerie Williams said...

Hey Gena! Hope things are looking up for you :) I've been thinking about you!! Miss being able to chat a lot via IM/the loop!

Virginia said...

How exciting to be welcoming a new GORGEOUS family member- Love the pictures & I look forward to more!!!