So much for that

I had a decent day to begin with yesterday. I went down to the packing plant to help Stoney cut and wrap a beef. Yes a HUGE cow. With it being just the two of us, we were there all day. Towards the end of the day, things just started to get to me. I was exhausted and just feeling down. We get home and finished watching Spiderwick Chronicles. Stoney put some lamb chops on the rotisserie and made a pizza for the girls. The lamb chops were from a customer. This sheep has hair instead of wool. It's actually pretty neat. It was also some of the best tasting lamb chops we've had.
Royal White Ram from Hoag foundation stock

I am just so happy to be home now. I have to shampoo the girls' bedrooms today. Cheyanna (my brother's gf) is taking my car to pick up his kids today so I'll have her 3. Nicki 4, Trenton 1, and Angelo 4 1/2 months. Talk about a busy day! Hopefully it will keep me so busy I won't think of my own crap.



Shana said...

Damn, three more kids, how did that go?