Sleepless Saturday

HA like that one? LOL Well Its true! It's 4:30 on Saturday morning. I can't sleep worth a shit! We are on a pull out that I swear is a double! I can't wait for tonight when we will have a queen all to ourselves! Sydnee is in bed with us so she's taking up a majority of the bed. Throw in Stoney and there isn't much room for Kam and I. For those who aren't aware, we got news on September 10 that my Great Grandfather Kuhn passed away. He is my Grandma Linda's dad. We've known that it would happen eventually but it's never easy. I just pray he is in a better place because I know how difficult the past year or so has been on him. I know that he is up there with other family including Taylor.

We drove up to Pocatello, Idaho last night. We got here about 7pm. It took us a little longer cause we had to stop to feed Kambree and traffic was horrid in Salt Lake. I kept having anxiety attacks. I wish these would go away! I'm just so grateful that Stoney could come with me. I don't think I could get through all of this without him. He is my rock.



Anonymous said...

(((Gena))) sorry about your great grandfather.