Need sleep!

Last night, Sydnee decided that she needed to drink milk all night long. from about 3 until 5. She would get a drink and then we'd go to bed. I'd start to go to sleep when she'd wake up screaming. Stoney was at work so it was just me. I am so exhausted this morning. I just want to sleep! Of course she's awake and ready to go! I did manage to get to sleep about 5 and sleep til 9. I was glad that I told Stoney's mom NOT to come over that early today. She said she could drop off some guns for Stoney about 9. I didn't even get dressed til 11. Now I'm ready to go back to bed and I should be cleaning house. I hope she doesn't do this tonight since tomorrow is church. I'm going to attempt my Saturday Scrap and take a nap later. :)