My update

I know I haven't had a chance to really update about myself. So here it goes. I got pretty sick for awhile. I thought it was the flu. I went to the dr and was told it was most likely the flu. When I didn't get better in a week and actually felt worse, I went to the clinic here. BIG MISTAKE! My diagnosis, "It's not the flu, you are just tired from having 4 kids." NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Of course I'm tired from having 4 kids. Oh and the Shortness of breath that I've been having! It's cause my back hurts! UMMM OK. I'm no medical dr but when I say my whole body hurts and I'm having pains in my back and chest when breathing. That doesn't seem like the proper diagnosis. That was a Friday. So Monday I call my other dr back. I get in that afternoon. He looks over my bloodwork and realizes I have hypothyroidism and possibly hepatitis. So he orders a full hepatitis panel and a liver function test. I am now on synthroid for the rest of my wonderful life. Well a few days later the nurse called and said that my liver function test is normalizing! So I don't have hepatitis! The hypothyroidism just really threw my body out of whack. I'm not expecting things to be all better right away. But I am noticing a little difference! I don't feel like I just ran a marathon after getting dressed.


Anonymous said...

oh girl you will feel so much better once your thyroid levels are normalized. It took me about a month to really see the difference but man oh man, there was a big difference.