Friday Five

So it's been awhile since I've done this! I want to share with you JUST five reasons I breastfeed my babies. There are HUNDREDS of reasons but I'm going to pick only FIVE.

1. I love the BONDING experience that breastfeeding provides. There is absolutely NO other bonding experience like it. Looking down into those beautiful eyes that are so full of love. Knowing that I"M the source of making them grow just empowers me.

2. I am CHEAP. What cheaper food can you provide for your child? The first 6 months that my baby is only getting breastmilk saves me TONS of moolah! Moolah that is better spent on CLOTHES!! Formula is sooo expensive nowadays. My hardworking hubby works extremely hard to provide for us and this is just another way I can contribute. PS I have NOTHING against formula feeders! Formula is there for a reason. I don't agree that it is just like breastmilk. It's more like Steak vs. hamburger. They are both great sources of nutrients but nothing compares to a juicy steak! LOL

3. Breastfeeding DECREASES my risk of breast cancer! The more children a woman breastfeeds and the longer she breastfeeds them, the lower your risk. I have officially nursed for 46 months!!! I'm not done since Kambree's still nursing strong! So I look forward to decreasing my risk!

4. Breastfeeding DECREASES her risk to SIDS. As you might know, SIDS is a very real thing to me. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that breastfeeding will help keep my baby safe. Not just from SIDS either! But from other childhood illnesses!

5. Breastfeeding makes my baby smarter! Studies have proven that breastmilk improves the brain and nervous system. The end result being that they have an IQ advantage of 10-12 points!!