OFA: Day 2

Wow this no pop thing is hard! I can't believe I cut out all my pop my whole pregnancy with the rare exception! So I went to the store yesterday. Of course, the first thing you see when you walk into the store after getting your cart is SODA! Seriously it's a conspiracy! WTH! Why do they have to make it so accessible! So I get past that hurdle. YAY ME! Then I meet another! Chips! The ultimate couch potato dream! I continue to walk throwing a couple string cheeses into the cart for the girls. Thank goodness they had to use the bathroom because I bee lined it straight to the produce section which is near the bathroom! While waiting I noticed the soup. HMMMM Clam chowder sure sounds yummy! So I got some with bread bowls. I was so excited. I drank two cups of coffee and the rest of the day all water! Even better, NO FUDGE!


tara said...

woohoo! sounds like you're doing good! I think I'll make some clam chowder today, that sounds pretty darn good!