Operation: Fat Ass

So Thanks to Amanda I have chosen to join her on a mission to lose some dreaded fat. No I'm totally not overweight by any standards but my own. Thanks to Miss Kambree, I gained about 40 lbs with her. EEK Then I lost about 15 after having her. YAY me. I was happy with it but wanted to be "toned". Well recently I found out I have hypothyroidism. Which just adds the pounds. Just what I needed during the holidays! So I gained 4 lbs in a week! Now I'm currently about 135 and I would LOVE to be at 115. That's 15 lbs more than pre pregnant weight but that's the weight I am comfortable with and I don't want to be super thin. I just want to be comfortable and happy again. So my goal is to go the next 30 days without soda, eating out, and limit my junk food. One SMALL treat a day! I'm also going to try eating a little better. This includes not skipping breakfast and eating vegetables more often.

So I will be documtenting my progress. :) Anyone else want to join.