OFA: Day 1

So I started yesterday afternoon. I had 3 cups of coffee and 4 scrambled eggs and an orange for breakfast yesterday. YAY me. Normally I skip breakfast cause I'm too busy. Then I make up for it later by pigging out on everything I can find. Which is usually UNHEALTHY stuff. After all my coffee, I drank nothing but water. The one little treat I did allow myself was a small piece of fudge. I'm keeping track of my calories on www.fitday.com just to make sure I'm getting enough calories. Because I'm nursing, I want to make sure I'm eating plenty of good stuff. Because I am nursing I want to keep my caloric intake at least 1800 calories. I think before 75% of my calories were unhealthy. I realy love the reports on fitday because I can also see what nutrients I need to increase. I can see just yesterday that I am missing Vitamin D and Vitamin E and calcium especially. So I will continue to take my vitamins.